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Rodent Control in Sumter

Removing Rodents Across Sumter, Claredon, and Lee Counties

Have you heard scratching or clawing noises coming from the walls of your home? Maybe you heard scurrying sounds across your ceiling or in your attic. The clearest sign you have a rodent problem may be when you notice droppings in your garage or under your kitchen sink. 

Rodents are among the most frustrating types of pest problems you can encounter in the home; however, they can be overcome with the help of professional rodent removal experts. Sumter Pest Management has 25 years of combined experience and has handled rodent invasions of all shapes and sizes for homes and businesses. Whether you are dealing with a small mouse problem or a major rat infestation, our team of professionals is confident that we can eliminate the problem as quickly as possible with our strategic solutions. 

If you have a rodent problem, reach out to Sumter Pest Management by dialing (803) 615-2308 or completing our online form to request a free estimate.

Common Rodent Problems Homeowners Face

The three types of rodents most notorious for infesting properties across the United States include the roof rat, the Norway rat, and the common house mouse: 

  • Roof rats (Rattus rattus), also known as black rats, are smaller in size than Norway rats and their tails are longer than their bodies. Roof rats are great climbers and, as their name suggests, often live above ground. When in the living spaces of humans, they tend to set up nests in attics, walls, ceilings, and cabinets. 
  • Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus), also known by other names such as brown rats or sewer rats, are burrowing rodents. Outdoors, Norway rats prefer to create their nests lower to the ground. They are known to burrow along the foundations of a building, under cluttered garbage or wood piles, and in damp areas around gardens and fields. Like the roof rat, Norway rats have a vast appetite. If roof rats are residing in a home, they can cause substantial damage due to their chronic gnawing habits. They are also known to damage garden crops and ornamental plants.
  • House mice (Mus musculus) are a category of smaller rodents and have distinctively large ears and small black eyes. While they may be smaller in stature than the roof rat and Norway rat, they could be just as destructive, if not more so, than their rat cousins. Mice are known to move quickly and fit into tight spaces and openings, allowing them much easier entry into homes. Mice also reproduce at alarming rates. 

Warning Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Rats and mice are not very discreet and will almost certainly alert people to their presence with their behavior. Here are some signs to watch out for if you suspect you have a rodent infestation:

  • Fecal droppings
  • Burrows and trails
  • Runways
  • Gnaw marks on the structure or items in your property 
  • Urine stains (can be identified via black light since it glows)
  • Dead rodent bodies
  • Squeaks and other clawing noises (particularly late at night)
  • Foul odors

Have you noticed any of the signs mentioned above? Call the professionals at Sumter Pest Management at (803) 615-2308 to perform a free inspection! You can also fill out our online contact form.

How We Approach Rodent Removal Treatment

Rats and mice can be tricky to eliminate because of their ability to evade, using their crawling, climbing, and chewing talents to move their way through your home. Even a large rat can mold its body to squeeze through the tiniest holes and cracks in closed doors. While they do have a number of advantages to avoid being captured or controlled, professional rodent specialists can overcome the invasion by outsmarting them via tested and proven measures.

When you hire Sumter Pest Management to conduct a rodent treatment, our technicians will investigate your property to figure out if you’re dealing with a mouse or rat problem, as the two will require different methods for successful removal. Our experienced Sumter rodent control technicians can look through your home and determine everything from the type of infestation you have to the size and what method of removal will work best. This allows us to put together a personalized rodent removal plan that will solve your problem for good. Often, it will take a combination of professional-grade baits and traps placed in strategic spots inside and outside the home or business for successful control.

Once we have gathered all the information obtained from the inspection, we’ll use our extensive knowledge to address and create an exclusionary program—a method that not only gets the rodents out but keeps them out by taking away entry points into your home. We’ll work with you to determine potential weak spots where they are finding a way in and help you close them off, so your home remains safe, secure, and rodent-free.

Don’t delay in reaching out to Sumter Pest Management as the rodent population will continue to grow as time passes. Call (803) 615-2308 or contact us online to schedule your inspection today.


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