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Ants sneak their way onto our properties when they forage for crumbs or water, or to find a place to nest. Often, you'll discover them marching up your walls or across your counter with a clear goal in mind—bringing food back to their colony.

The ant control experts at Sumter Pest Management can help put a stop to the invasion by carrying out a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and budget. If you live in Sumter, Claredon, or Lee County, we’re the ones to call to bring a permanent end to your ant problems.

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Common Local Ant Species 

There are nearly 16,000 identified ant species and subspecies found all over the world and the number continues to grow as scientists discover more. In the United States alone, there are over 1,000 types of ants. As alarming as that sounds, you may be relieved to know that most ant species don’t interact with humans or intrude in our homes, preferring to live in the wilderness.

In fact, there are only a small number of ants species that like to live near households or go indoors to hunt for food. Not all ants behave the same, look the same, or like the same foods. These differences are crucial to take note of when it comes to controlling the infestation and determining what professional treatment to conduct.

To effectively control ants, the insecticides used on them must be attractive and be in line with their food preferences. Even the method of application should keep their behaviors and tendencies in mind. 

The five most common ants you might find crawling around your home include:

  • Acrobat ants
    Acrobat ants are medium-sized ants that are often misidentified as carpenter ants due to their similar colored bodies and nesting tendencies. Acrobat ants differ from carpenter ants because they do not damage wood. They get their name from their ability to contort their abdomen in the air over their head like an acrobat. Acrobat ants nest in trees and shrubs but can also nest in water valve boxes. If you find these ants in your home, it is a sign you have moisture issues that need to be addressed since they are attracted to dampness and decaying organic matter.
  • Carpenter ants
    Carpenter ants stand out among other ants because of their larger size (between 1/4 to 1/2 inch long) and their ability to burrow into and damage wood. As worrying as that may be to homeowners, carpenter ants don’t often reside in homes, preferring to nest in rotting wood. Carpenter ants don’t consume wood but will excavate through it and leave behind shavings as a result, which is one of the main warning signs of an infestation. They are commonly found in structures under insulation, in voids, crawl spaces, or in attics.
  • Odorous house ants

This small dark brown or black ant is found so often in homes that “house” is in its name. The “odorous” part comes from the unpleasant smell they give off when are squished. The odor has been described as smelling of licorice or rotten coconut. They are mainly found living outside under mulch, rocks, or other objects but when foraging for food they can find their way inside a home running along your countertops to search for sweet foods.

  • Argentine ants
    Argentine ants are native to Argentina but are also found in the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. They are notable for their ability to form huge colonies. Argentine ants are medium-sized, dark brown, and usually nest outside but migrate indoors to satisfy their appetite for sugar. They may also move indoors to avoid rainy weather or when searching for water.
  • Fire ants

Fire ants (also known as red ants) are regarded as one of the most dangerous and troublesome species of ant found in the United States. Fire ants are also one of the only species whose bite can cause serious reactions, such as a burning sensation on the skin, which is how they earned their name. Fire ants are very aggressive in nature and can build up the population of their colonies alarmingly fast, reaching numbers as high as 250,000. Fire ants also create large visible mounds inside or outside properties, which is often the biggest sign you have a major infestation present.

Complete Ant Control in Sumter, Claredon, and Lee Counties

No matter what ant species you are dealing with, professional help is a must to terminate the invading colony. From specialized ant baits that will wipe out the entire colony to perimeter treatments around your home and yard to keep them away, you can feel confident that Sumter Pest Management will take care of your ant problems using the best techniques and equipment the industry has to offer.

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