What Problems are Associated With Bed Bug Infestations In Sumter, SC?

bed bugs crawling

The irony of bed bugs is that they cause big problems, despite being really small. In the blink of an eye, they can take over your Sumter County home or business. People are usually surprised and mystified by the insects and don’t know how they’ve gotten indoors. Removing them won't be easy either. Until they’re gone, you’ll be losing sleep and waking up to red and itchy bites on your skin. Bed bugs munch on you and drink your blood while you’re resting or sitting. Your mattress is bound to have hoards of them.

Welts on your body are inconvenient enough, but bed bugs wreak havoc beyond that. The average person is unaware of the various risks these critters present. Learn more about what can happen with bed bugs and how Sumter Pest Management can intervene. 

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

You can carry bed bugs home accidentally. It happens more often than folks realize. Groups of them could quietly be in second-hand items, furniture, bedding, and the like. Generally speaking, though, the critters sneak into your clothes or personal bags while you’re out at a public spot. For example, hotels, airports, schools, and offices. These locations are filled with humans they can derive blood from. It’s all about fluid for them, not dirt. In dwellings, bed bugs will often be in:

  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Couches
  • Upholstery
  • Fabrics
  • Wood Trim
  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring

An infestation is underway when you encounter stains, odors, and bites on your skin. Reddish-brown blots and blood drops will be found on fabrics and surfaces. You’re bound to come across black and brown fecal marks and powdery particles as well. As these insects gather, musty smells will arise. Patchy sets of welts will be on your face, neck, arms, legs, and elsewhere. It could be mistaken for a rash.

Bed bugs look a lot like apple seeds. They are oval, 0.25 of an inch long, and reddish-brown. Two antennas crown their globular heads, which are tiny in comparison to their rounded tails. In the middle is a peculiar shape. Six legs get them from place to place. Pearly white eggs will be laid about, giving way to transparent young.

What Are the Dangers of Bed Bugs?

Medical and pest experts haven’t discovered an association between bed bugs and the transmission of disease. However, these insects can still bring on illness and other health complications. These are common dilemmas: 

  • Anemia: In the case of an intense infestation, you could develop anemia. It’s because your blood will be drawn regularly. Typical symptoms include paleness, headaches, and intense fatigue.
  • Allergic Reactions: When bed bugs bite you, it might trigger allergies. Many have reported nausea, skin inflammation, and breathing difficulties.
  • Secondary Infections: Every time you scratch a bed bug welt, there’s a chance you’ll break your skin. Should germs get inside of the cut, a bacterial infection may start. Impetigo, lymphangiti, and ecthyma are some of them.
  • Mental Health: Frequently, those battling bed bugs have experienced insomnia and anxiety. 

How Will Sumter Pest Management Handle Bed Bugs?

“Do it yourself” methods and retail insecticides aren’t strong enough to eliminate bed bug populations. You’ll have to get to every egg, nymph, and adult with your solution. This will be challenging because they’re small and conceal themselves all over the place. In addition, these avenues can be hazardous. We at Sumter Pest Management have safe treatments that are industrial-grade. Crossfire, Apprehend, and mattress encasements are among our options. They are designed to kill bed bugs at mass for the long haul. Call today for a free inspection!