The Secret To Effective Fly Control In Sumter County

Flies on window

With over 18,000 kinds of flies found throughout the United States, you’ve probably heard their incessant buzzing at one point or another. But don’t be fooled, flies are far more than a nuisance with a short lifespan. Flies reproduce at a rapid rate and in large numbers, while being known spreaders of dangerous diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and salmonellosis. Naturally, prevention is key with this pest and homeowners should strive to keep them out of their homes at all costs. 

How Flies Get Into Your Sumter County Home

Flies commonly lay their eggs outside and then make their way into Sumter County homes through weak spots such as torn window screens, damaged weather stripping, and cracks in doors. Don’t be fooled, flies can lay their eggs in your home as well in the likes of compost piles, rotting organic material, and garbage cans. When flies do enter the home, they mostly do so as hitchhikers, meaning that they have latched onto something like a pet or even fruit and have been escorted right into your home. Something like a horse fly typically isn’t found inside the home, but when they are, they might have come through an open window or door. 

What Attracts Flies To Your Home

There are a host of flies that could be attracted to your home and, depending on the type of fly, that will determine the factors that are exciting them. For example, fruit flies are on the hunt for sugary substances that are found in overripe fruit and spilled drinks like apple juice or soda. Whereas drain flies seek areas of high moisture to lay their eggs in and are attracted to places like drains. Other common instigators are:

  • Garbage cans left that are uncovered.

  • Manure or fecal matter that is spread around home yards.

  • Overripe fruit that’s been left out on countertops.

  • Spilled soda and open containers of other sugary drinks or alcohol.

  • Build-up  at the bottom and coating the inside of drains.

How To Reduce Flies In Your Home

The most tried and true tip for preventing a fly infestation in your home is through thorough and vigilant cleanliness. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, it isn’t. There are a few key ways that you can keep your home tidy and keep flies away. This includes:

  • Storing trash properly and removing it on a daily basis.

  • Making sure that all counter surfaces are kept clean.

  • Checking window screens and weather stripping for any wear or weaknesses, and if any are found, repairing them fully.

  • Disposing of any food that is going bad in a proper manner.

  • Planting an indoor garden. Plants such as basil, mint, and bay leaf are known to be a natural repellent for flies and most other pests. Plus there’s the added benefit of having a few extra herbs to cook with!

  • Using essential oils. For a natural remedy, try putting a few drops of eucalyptus oil on cloth strips and hang them near doors and windows.

  • Cleaning up after pets on a regular basis.

If you suspect a potential fly infestation or have one already, contact the professional team at Sumter Pest Management today for further assistance and a plan of action.